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We provide short videos (typically 5 min or less) on many biblical subjects:

  1. BIBLE IN A YEAR. Every Christian should read the bible once per year. We know the bible is hard for many to read and /or understand. So we have put the readings on videos. Three short videos each day to cover an Old Testament reading, a Psalm & Proverb reading and a New Testament reading. Plus, three short videos explaining the meaning of each Old Testament, Psalm/Proverb and New Testament reading.
  2. Salvation video. How to be saved and/or know that you are saved. (going to heaven)
  3. Discipleship videos. How to operate / live as a Christian. We cover 10 important areas of a good Christian walk. We call these areas S.W.E.E.T.G.I.F.T.S. – 1. SPOUSES/MARRIAGE 2. WORK / BUSINESS 3. EDUCATION 4.ENTERTAINMENT 5. TITHING / FINANCES 6. GOD / RELIGION 7. INDIVIDUALS 8. FAMILY 9. TOTAL HEALTH 10. SEXUAL RELATIONS – You will learn NORMAL, NON-NORMAL & PERFORMANCE issues to help you grow in each of these areas.
  4. BATTLES OF A CHRISTIAN WALK – Generational curses, Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare
  5. Overview of CHURCH ON THE GO – Who we are and what we do
  6. DECLARE AMERICA A CHRISTIAN NATION video from IDECLARED.ORG – who they are and what they do.
  7. Overview of KINGDOM FOOTSTEPS UNITED MINISTRIES video – who they are and what they do.